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Table tennis chief urges Countries to be as complete

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DORTMUND, Germany, Apr 01, 2012 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- The Chinese clubs are as usual the paddlers to conquer at the 51st World Team Championships this week along with the sport's boss Adham Sharara called on other associations to do more to challenge the top seeds.
"The Chinese groups do not have a weak link," the president of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) told Xinhua. "If you take away any of the group members, then they stay very strong. As a matter of fact they can enter two groups and win a gold and a silver medal."My message to other groups like Germany and France in Europe, Japan and Korea in Asia, is to really consider how they could challenge the Chinese to make it a much more intriguing competition between the Chinese and the other countries."

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In the 1960s onwards, China emerged as the new dominant power in table tennis. The previous defeat of the Chinese men came in 2000 during the championships in Kuala Lumpur, when Sweden was crowned after beating China in the final. In the previous championship in 2010 China beat Germany to win the gold.

The Chinese men hold a record of 17 wins and also the Chinese women also hold a record of 17 wins. Just in the last women's championship in 2010 one of the greatest upsets in table tennis history occurred when Singapore stunned China using a remarkable success in the final.Sharara saw a substantial development in recent years that underlines the difference between the Chinese system along with other countries."The older Chinese players are starting to go down, they're not as quickly as before," that the ITTF president stated. "However, the younger ones are becoming stronger and more powerful."

For instance, Ma Long has improved a lot compared to a year ago. He had more than 40 consecutive wins. He's of a very high level. But the older gamers, such as Ma Lin, are starting to go down and they are replaced with other very powerful younger players."In countries like Sweden (Jorgen Persson) and Belgium (Jean-Michel Saive) the top gamers are already over 40 years old and these facts fear the ITTT boss."This means they have never been substituted with the younger generation, while in China they have a very good system. When the older players start to get older, not quite old, I mean only barely 30, younger gamers are replacing them who are equally as powerful.

And I expect the rest of the world should learn from this."According to Sharara there are more major differences between the Chinese and the remainder. "From the 1970s, Europeans had a great deal of energy and the Chinese were enjoying a more penalizing game, quick but without a lot of power," he said." At that time the Chinese already had a very good technique, but they did not have really good equipment and did not have the best physical fitness. Additionally their mental skills were somewhat poorer, because they did not have confidence. "Now the Chinese have the greatest physical condition, without any doubt. Compared to other countries, the Chinese are exceptional. They still have the best method and they now have the very best gear as well. These three variables give them psychological strength."

The Chinese know they have the very best equipment, the best training, the greatest physical state, the best tactics best ping pong paddles facebook.com, so that they become very positive and very tough to conquer. So I believe to be a top athlete in the world you have to be complete."

Before you could be talented and might not be so strong physically and you could win. Today in every sport you've got to be complete." And there is a new element coming from athletics, which is some kind of emotional intelligence. You've got psychological and physical strength, there is something in between, emotional intelligence, which influences also the way your body responds. And the Chinese are extremely powerful at the point." This past year throughout the World Table Tennis Championships in Rotterdam Sharara called upon China to open their doors other nations and regions can profit from Chinese understanding. He also desired more European and other gamers to move to China. Improvement has been witnessed by the ITTF president.

"Definitely there's improvement," Sharara clarified. "Now you will find training centers in China that accept players from different nations, you see for two years in a row that China goes to the Schlager Academy at Austria to prepare for the world championships. They're very open, train together with the Austrian players and other gamers who are not there."Additionally some top European gamers are playing Chinese league, and this is a very good improvement. It gives them an opportunity to compete against players that are Chinese. The Chinese association is performing a lot, they are trying to open their doors, trying to bring in other players, attempting to help improve the sport. This is very much valued by the ITTF."

Later this year that the world will observe a non-Chinese medalist throughout the Olympic Games in London, on account of the fact that each National Olympic Committee (NOC) may only have a maximum of three men and three women competing, with a maximum of two men and two women in the singles events. "The new rule is regrettably for the Chinese because they have the three best athletes for sure," stated Sharara. "They'll now just be competing for two medals instead of three."It gives an opening and chance into the rest of the planet. This is their chance. So they should be motivated and compete. They ought to think about the gold medal of course, but if they miss the gold trophy they have the opportunity for either bronze or silver."

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The (Olympic) championship can't be dominated as before by the Chinese. The principle of the Olympics isalso, aside from the high degree, also participation. This way we've got a chance to combine both. The Chinese association understands that this is quite good for the promotion of our sport." 
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