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Table Tennis Improvement In Next Three Decades

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Hang Seng Bank will this year celebrate 25 years of working in close partnership with the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association to support table tennis development and nurture rising table tennis stars in Hong Kong.

Since 1991, Hang Seng has contributed over HK$48 million to promote table tennis throughout various community events. This season also marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Hang Seng Table Tennis Academy (HSTTA). With the aim of increasing the quality of table tennis in Hong Kong, the HSTTA has organised over 5,300 activities for more than 290,000 participants of all ages since 2001. In the HSTTA 2016 - 2018 Launch Ceremony cum 2015 Graduation Ceremony held today at Southorn Stadium, Hang Seng declared its provision of HK$10.2 million in continuing support for HSTTA for the period 2016 - 2018.

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Officiating at the Ceremony were Mrs Carrie Lam, Chief Secretary for Administration, HKSAR; Ms Rose Lee, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive, Hang Seng Bank; and Mr Tony Yue, Chairman, Hong Kong Table Tennis Association. In front of a group of over 500 attendees who included players, coaches and guests, exceptional young table tennis players received awards for their remarkable achievements in 2015.Mrs Lam said: 'I am glad to find that the Hang Seng Table Tennis Academy supplies such great opportunities for young people to develop and fulfil their potential, and shine as rising stars in the local sports arena.

I expect that various sectors of the community can join hands in the nurturing of local athletes and also help make Hong Kong a center for major sports events'Ms Lee stated: 'Since 1991, Hang Seng has partnered with the Hong Kong Table TennisAssociation to foster the development of table tennis and encourage the practice of local talent. Through different programmes, youthful athletes have developed resilience and strength of personality to pursue their lifelong ambitions. 'Hang Seng has contributed more than HK$48 million into the development of table tennis in Hong Kong, such as a dedication of HK$10.2 million to cover a three-year programme starting in 2016.'

Mr Yue said: 'This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association. Our 25-year connection with Hang Seng Bank has made a significant contribution in promoting table tennis into the neighborhood at large. During a systematic and professional training program, we also provide a stage for talented young players to hone their abilities in pursuit of their dream to excel in international and local athletic arenas' Members of the Hang Seng Regional and Elite Cadet Squad displayed their table tennis skills in a demonstration session in the Ceremony.

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Mr Andrew Fung, Executive Director and Head of Global Banking and Markets, Hang Seng Bank, participated in a friendly match against leading Hong Kong player Wong Chun-ting. Wong Chun-ting is a HSTTA grad and currently represents Hong Kong in several international competitions. The Greatest Male Player and Best Female Player awards went into Wong Hon-lam and Soo Waiyam respectively. They were also called Best Cadet Player and Best Youth Player respectively.
Wong Hon-lam, who's 12, received a Star of Tomorrow award in 2012 and joined the Elite Cadet Squad in precisely the same calendar year. He has been a member of the Hong Kong Junior Team because 2014. Soo, who is 17, joined the Hong Kong Junior Team at 2009, also has obtained the Best Female Player award for three consecutive years. HSTTA graduates Wong Chun-ting, Doo Hoi-kem and Lee Ho-ching, currently hold world positions of 11, 20 and 22 respectively. The trio often exhibit their skills on regional and global stages by winning medals at prestigious events such as the Asian Table Tennis Championship, the Asian Games and the Youth Olympic Games.

Launched in partnership with the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association in 2001 and supported by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the HSTTA plays an instrumental role in identifying and nurturing the abilities of gifted young table tennis players with the capacity to become future sporting celebrities. With the extra mission of reaching out to the community in Hong Kong, the HSTTA has organised over 5,300 community occasions for at least 290,000 participants since its establishment.

The HSTTA offers classes for a wide array of ages, with the youngest player to date from the Hang Seng New Generation Course being 5 years old and also the most senior player of this Badges Scheme so far being 72 years old. Since 2001, about 100 recipients of HSTTA coaching have gone on to become members of the Hong Kong Table Tennis Team or Hong Kong Table Tennis Junior Team. Other participants ping pong shooting robot in HSTTA programmes have taken the invaluable insights, lessons and skills they acquired from the experience to the community to make gifts as physicians, attorneys, accountants, financial professionals, members of the disciplined services and table tennis coaches. 
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