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Jericho Spitz

Make Love To The Night

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Make Love To The Night


“Make Love To The Night”
(C. Tolen)
Pickaney gal, all of de thug
Just say yes, now let’s do de drug
Step through de club, diamond are bright
Me I gonna make sweet love to de night, say
Me I gonna make sweet love to de night, say
Me I gonna make sweet love, love
Verse One:
Fresh to de death, climb in de Benz
Shiny de rims, go findin’ me friends
Raggamuff and me soldiers
Me I gon’ take it over
B’s in de sky, choke pon de leaf
Till it’s all gone can’t nobody leave
We a gon’ smoke dis gaga, just
Roll with de true don dada
X in de bag, pop dem a pill
Two or three more, no stop till ya feel
All a we feelin’ de love now, say
Make we off into de club now
VIP, free everything
No ID fi de gal dat we bring
Pretty young thing with a body, say
Dem are here just fi de party
Verse Two:
Up in de club, dem call me de truth
Near de selector, grab me a
Patron in all these bottles
Attractin’ all these models
Not take long, dem all get drunk
Roll Ben Frank cuz dem all need bump, de
Fishscale get dem sober
Now we got start all over
Shots to de face, light up de blunt, de
Whole club pack from de back to de front
We are now getting’ wasted, and de
Gals all getting’ naked
Dance pon de table, dance pon de chair
More of dem a come and dance everywhere, dem
Ask fi de party favors, got
Some fi de now and later
Verse Three:
Shots to de DJ, pass him de blunt
Dat what we pay fi him play what we want
All of de gal dem swayin’, to the
Cadre music playin’
Hands in de air, dance to de death
Pass dem a pill till none of dem are left
All of de gal dem rollin’, want
Touch pon me hood dat swollen
Oh, me God gal wha’ you wan do
Shout to de crew we’ll be back in a few
Me I now muffi have you, say
Make we take it to de bathroom
Lock pon de door, me can’t do without
Down pon her knees puttin’ me in her mouth, she
Workin’ him till she swallow right, then we
Doin’ this again tomorrow night….
©2014 Christopher C. Tolen


Christopher Tolen



Jericho Spitz hails from Chicago as a prolific songwriter and lyricist, a thorough and well-seasoned rapper as well as an amazing reggae performer. Performing countless shows since performing his first show at 14 years old Jericho (aka rapper LUNATIC The Messiah) has opened for or performed at events with Outkast, Common, Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Nas, AZ, Coolio, The Lost Boyz, KRS-1 and more.

After winning the WGCI/Miller Lite Freshest Emcee Competition, Jericho founded his current independent label Cadre Enterprises and has released 2 albums and 5 mixtapes while dropping cameos on Sega's NBA 2K video game series and other games. Longevity and perseverance have brought this product of the projects to a new level of consciousness which permeates his music, life and prose writing projects. He has a book published with more on the way. Jericho’s next all-reggae LP project, “JERICHO SPITZ” is slated for release in early 2015 with an accompanying tour abroad.

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